Life MembersLife Members

Department Leader:  Willana Price
Contact:  lifemembers@__________


Age Group
All Ages

“Each One, Make One”

White (purity, joy) and Red (fire, blood, charity)

The person serving in the role must be a Life Member. The purpose of the department is to organize all Life Members, Matrons, Patrons, and Honorary Life members into a local council.

The Life Members Council is the most exciting department in the Women’s Home and Overseas Missionary Society! This department captures the hearts and interests of men, women, boys, and girls from across the width and breath of Zion. An investment in this department is an investment in the lives of Zion’s greatest resource: Her People!

Becoming a member and investing in the Life Members Council supports the following ministries as listed on the Tree of Hope:

  • A scholarship fund for students attending Hood Theological Seminary.
  • Grants and support to each of our A.M.E. Zion Church Schools.
  • Salaries and stipends for field workers in the overseas area.
  • Missionary training in America and Overseas.
  • Operational expenses of the General Society.
  • Scholarship awards for students attending an A.M.E. Zion Church School of Higher Learning.

In addition to your initial investment and receipt of a stole, we ask that you continue to support these ongoing ministries by:

  • Paying $5.00 annual due.
  • Giving a donation during the month of October for the Anna L. Anderson Observance.
  • Contributing to the Margaret S. Willie Scholarship Fund.
  • Participating in the exciting new “A Heart for Overseas Missions” project to support our missions work overseas.


Greeting Card Ministry

The Greeting Card Ministry exists to ensure that each member of Broadway Temple receives a card on their birthday and to send cards of encouragement to the sick as well as condolences to the bereaved. This ministry works closely with the Class Leaders’ Ministry.

Ministry Leader:  Bessie Ratcliffe

Contact:  greetingcard@__________